Which motor is used in hair dryers?

hair dryer

Hair dryers are very common in our lives as a small blow drying device, which mainly uses a small but powerful motor to generate airflow for the purpose of blow drying. So what exactly is the motor used in a hair dryer?

Motor type

The common types of motors used in motors are DC motors and AC motors.

The DC motors used in hair dryers are mainly based on brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors. Brushed DC motors were common in previous hair dryers, but due to the efficiency will be reduced with the use of time and number of times, but also need to replace the brushes, has not been the mainstream hair dryer motor, but the price is cheaper. Hair dryers with brushless DC motors are more efficient and have a longer service life, but the price is higher than hair dryers with brushed DC motors.

AC motors are the more common hair dryer motors in the modern world, and hair dryers that use AC motors tend to be more durable, efficient, and last longer than hair dryers that use DC motors. For this reason, hair dryers that use AC motors are mostly used in professional grade hair dryers or hair salons.

Power and speed

Blower motors range from 1300 to 2000 watts. Higher wattage provides greater airflow and shorter drying times. However, higher wattage motors are also usually more noisy. Therefore, hair dryer motors need to balance both power and noise to deliver a more comfortable drying experience.


DC motors and AC motors are both relatively common hair dryer motors, but DC motors are mostly used for consumer grade hair dryers and AC motors are mostly used for professional grade hair dryers.

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