Lunyee prepares for the 134th Canton Fair in October

Lunyee, a machinery manufacturer that provides electric power system solutions, will participate in the 134th Canton Fair on Oct. 15, where it will showcase its latest electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and related electric vehicle technologies.

Electric scooter

In this exhibition, Lunyee will bring two models of electric motorcycles to participate in the exhibition. These two models of electric motorcycles have a maximum speed of 120KM/h, aiming to achieve a balance of power, acceleration, maximum speed and range, and provide different solutions for people with different needs.

Smart e-bikes and scooters

In addition to electric motorcycles, Lunyee will be showcasing smart e-bikes and e-scooters equipped with continuously optimized drive kits and company designs. We will be demonstrating how we apply the latest technology to optimize energy efficiency, convenience, safety and reliability. There will be two main models of electric scooters with a maximum speed of 45KM/h.

Customized Solutions

In addition to showcasing the latest technology, Lunyee will also demonstrate its ability to develop fully customized electric powertrains and integrated mobility solutions based on specific customer needs. Our vision is to provide the most competitive solution for every customer.


Lunyee is looking forward to connecting with electric vehicle manufacturers, engineers and decision makers at the upcoming Canton Fair. This event provides a great opportunity to showcase our latest electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric powertrains and we look forward to meeting you.

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