12v-24v 6000N 50-800mm 4-10mm/s linear actuator

$39 - $215

This 12v-24v linear actuator offers a maximum thrust of 6000N and stroke lengths of 50-800mm. With a speed range of 4-10mm/s, it operates quietly and efficiently to accomplish a variety of projects.

Motor Type Linear Actuator

Voltage 12/24 DC

Rated speed 4mm/s(6000N) , 10mm/s(2000N)

Load Capacity (N) 6000

Input Voltage 24V / 12V DC
Load Capacity 6000N
Max Speed 4mm/s(6000N) , 10mm/s(2000N)
Stroke Customize
Type of Duty 10%,2min.on  /  18min.off
Limit switches Inner
Operation Temperature -15℃~45℃
Color Black or Gray
Protection Class IP54

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